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Monday Jun 06, 2022

Today's episode of the Fly Podcast is a special and exclusive interview with a good friend who recently passed and got hired in JUST 1 DAY! ✈   How to be a flight attendant: FREE Roadmap

Sunday May 29, 2022

In today's episode of the Fly Podcast, we will try to shed some light on why you didn’t get through your cabin crew application and enumerate the ways the recruiter is evaluating you without you knowing it   JOIN THE FIRST CLASS MEMBERS

Sunday May 22, 2022

In this episode of the Fly Podcast, let me share how the cabin crew recruitment process has changed during the pandemic and how you can adapt to these changes   Listen to EP 1 here.

Sunday May 15, 2022

In this episode of the Fly Podcast, deep dive into how you can use keywords in making sure your resume stands out among the rest of the cabin crew applications.    Listen to EP 1 here.

Monday May 09, 2022

In this episode of the Fly Podcast, I will discuss the differences between a Resume, Cover Letter, and a Curriculum Vitae or CV. Plus 5 hacks and all the basic things that you need to know to ace your application and get noticed by the recruiters.

Friday Apr 29, 2022

Welcome to the pilot episode of the Fly Podcast, I’m Ruth, a previous int'l flight attendant, a book author, coach, entrepreneur, and now a mom of two boys. In this podcast, I will continue to broaden my horizons in helping FA aspirants to simplify the complicated cabin crew interviews.   Today, let me talk about the 10 things I would do differently if I were applying to be a Cabin Crew.

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